Welcome to the crazy world of my imagination. Here you will find information about me, my stories, my art and basically anything else interesting that I've chosen to write about.

For those that don't know me, my name is Ray, an author bitten by the writers' bug some years ago causing me to create more and more works of fiction until at times I feel my fingers are about to drop off. The reason I mention fingers rather than wrist is because I have to type my stories on account of my handwriting being atrocious. On occasion I haven't been able to read my own notes so am thankful that I can formulate ideas on computer by clicking the screen rather than putting pen to paper.

To be totally honest I'm not sure when or how I got into writing. There was never a day when I sat down and chose to become an author, it was something that crept into my life over a long period of years until one day, yay, I had a 200 page novel on my first attempt. That novel has a one word title, simply known as bee, intentionally spelt in lower case. Since that day I've been writing more and more and now have a vast number of books available for the Amazon Kindle.

Many, many years ago, in the late 80s early 90s, I wrote adventure games for the early computers of that era. I say early but they were the latest computers at the time. Adventure games were essentially interactive stories with pretty pictures. However back then I still didn't think of myself as a writer due to the amount of programming involved. With commands such as, "If (Verb 3 And Set? 2) Mess 23 Hold 250 Wait End", I thought of myself as a computer programmer rather than a writer. As with all computers, they eventually date, and my wonderful adventure games were consigned to history. I've only recently recreated them for the PC.

One of my early websites contained a walkthrough for a game called Heavenly Sword. I simply sat down and played the game while carefully jotting down notes on a pad beside me, then later wrote up what I had done in as much detail as possible. It was a very large game and it took a full three weeks to finish the walkthrough. I had mixed feelings as to the result. I was proud of my work, but also knew people were more likely to use YouTube for game walkthroughs, watching someone actually play it, than to read through reams of text.

Over the years I've discovered that I like to vary the genre of my stories, never sticking to one subject or character type. One moment I'll release an action novel about sailors of old doing battle with a troll, then suddenly write a story about a woman restoring her childhood dollhouse. There's no limit to the style of book I'm willing to write just as long as I have that rush of excitement and enthusiasm at the time.

For the majority of the time I simply use my full name Raymond Johnson as the author of my written work, but on occasion use a pen-name depending on the subject matter. This isn't as to intentionally deceive but rather to add some weight to the story being told. It's just a state of the times that people are more likely to read something if they identify in some way with the author.

My stories have a unique stance to them, never sticking to one genre, always written in first-person and a perspective that doesn't always follow convention. Even with short stories I try to keep the nuances of character growth as realistic as possible without forcing the plot to fit into a set number of pages. I love writing, whether in book form or directly on the net. I have a totally different personality and vocabulary within the written word, and wish to continue with ever more books and web content for as long as possible.

As well as stories I've been dabbling with computer art, whether hand drawn enhanced by the computer or fully drawn within a graphics package. They're still pretty crude compared with many online artists but I'm learning all the time and getting pretty apt at drawing My Little Pony characters which have a large following on many art sites. My aim is to draw anime, eventually making my own manga comics in the same vein as doujinshi creators who self publish all their work. Ironically one of my early fan art drawings of Naomi Armitage received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter yet at the time I never considered it that good due to the shading looking a little off. As the popular expression goes, often the worst critic is yourself.

Anyway that's enough of my waffling, I needed something to fill this home page rather than just a welcome message I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.