Listed below are links to free content I've created for this website. Each is a site in its own right with its own design and layout. With fan fiction, comics, poetry, writing tips and interactive stories there's a little of everything. My Amazon Kindle author page and Lulu Spotlight are listed at the bottom of the page along with links to my YouTube channel and social networking sites.

Fan Fiction - A selection of stories based upon movies, TV shows and video games.
Ray's Shorts - A selection of short stories.
Butterfly - A work in progress ebook.
Gentle Bite - A young woman fights for survival on a post-apocalyptic world.

Bitsa Girl - A very cheesy, amateur, photographic comic about a broken toy.
Laura's Craft - The adventures of Wiccan, steampunk, archaeologist Laura Kelley.
Nozomi's Scrapbook - Nozomi's butterfly book.

Poetry Corner - My poetry.
Thoughts - An archive of old blogs.
Writing Tips - Snippets describing my experiences with writing.

Fantasy - Short interactive stories.
Bumbling Bee - A strange, quirky and very rude interactive story with lots of pretty pictures.
A Fairy Tale - A heartwarmingly sweet interactive story.
Times Up!!! - An interactive story about a soldier having to defuse an atomic bomb.
Forgotten Island - An interactive story about the rescue of a princess imprisoned upon a cursed island.
KingDomme - A huge interactive horror story about a queen possessed by evil.
Out Of Your Wits - A light hearted interactive horror about a professor's evil experiment.