Listed below are links to free content I've created for this website. Each is a site in its own right with its own design and layout. With full novels, short stories, fan fiction, interactive stories, comics, poetry and writing tips there's a little of everything. My social networking sites are listed at the bottom of the page: Twitter, Facebook, Deviant Art, Blogspot, Pinterest and YouTube. For a full list of my websites and social networking links unrelated to books and stories click here.

Effluo Insula - A trilogy of novels about a mysterious island.
The bee Collection - The full length novel bee and its sequels.
Heaven-Sent - A trilogy of short stories about a mysterious fairy-like creature.
Blushing Goth - The complete collection of Blushing Goth books and its prequel Pink Goth.
Vespera Vampire - A trilogy of horror.
Kurai - A collection of erotic novels.
Ray's Shorts - A large collection of short stories.
Fan Fiction - A selection of stories based upon movies, TV shows and video games.

Fantasy - Short interactive stories.
bumbling bee - A strange, quirky and very rude interactive story with lots of pretty pictures.
A Fairy Tale - A heartwarmingly sweet interactive story.
Times Up!!! - An interactive story about a soldier having to defuse an atomic bomb.
Forgotten Island - An interactive story about the rescue of a princess imprisoned upon a cursed island.
KingDomme - A huge interactive horror story about a queen possessed by evil.
Out Of Your Wits - A light hearted interactive horror about a professor's evil experiment.

Bitsa Girl - A very cheesy, amateur, photographic comic about a broken toy.
Laura's Craft - The adventures of Wiccan, steampunk, archaeologist Laura Kelley.
Nozomi's Scrapbook - Nozomi's butterfly book.
Poetry Corner - My poetry.
Thoughts - An archive of old blogs.
Writing Tips - Snippets describing my experiences with writing.